A launch pad for business excellence

With research-focused office and laboratory space, Tech Center is a place where businesses can reach their full potential. The site encourages people of different backgrounds and skill sets to come together—pooling valuable knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas. Here, you can launch your business dreams to the next level.

Tech Center’s prime location is key. Situated adjacent to the world-renowned Jefferson Lab, the multi-use Tech Center will facilitate the transfer of technology from the lab to the marketplace. It will accommodate both large and small high-tech companies and corporations, creating an atmosphere of collaboration that benefits all.

Tech Center is strategically located for transportation needs as well. The Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport is two miles away; Interstate-64 is only a few minutes’ drive. The Port of Virginia is nearby and is connected by vast rail systems to the rest of the nation.

Change is Here

A highly skilled, educated and creative workforce includes military personnel, boosting the success rate for Hampton Roads businesses.